Myth Merchant Films was founded by Michael Jorgensen in 1997. Since that time the company has focused is on creating and producing the highest quality science, history and social documentaries for television and film.

In 2003, Myth Merchant Films’ first production out of the gate, Battle of the X-Planes, was recognized with an Emmy ® for best feature length documentary. Produced for the PBS science and technology program NOVA, Battle of the X-Planes examines the high-stakes battle waged between the world’s two largest aerospace companies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, to win the largest military contract in history and build the most versatile fighter plane ever created – the Joint Strike Fighter. The program not only earned the distinction of being the highest rated show in NOVA’s thirty year history, but also marked the only time in history that the United States Department of Defense has allowed a filmmaker inside a major defense competition. Michael’s work on X-Planes earned him national and international awards for directing, writing and cinematography.

In 2004 Myth Merchant Films produced the one hour HDTV documentary Lost Nuke for the Discovery Channel. Lost Nuke tells the previously untold story of America’s first lost nuclear weapon – one that went missing during a top-secret mission off the west coast of Canada during the Cold War. Lost Nuke has been recognized with provincial and national awards for producing, directing and cinematography.

In 2007, Michael Jorgensen was the series producer for the six-hour series, Mars Rising. Broadcast on the Discovery Channel in January of 2007, the $5.6 million HDTV production chronicled the scientific and technical efforts to launch the first human mission to the red planet.  The following year Myth Merchant Films produced the “Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy” for Discovery Channel Networks. In 2000, a group of fossil hunters uncover not only the bones of a 77 million year old dinosaur, but its mummified and fossilized ‘body’. After excavating the duckbill nicknamed ‘Leonardo’, scientists begin a battery of tests including a radiographic autopsy. Journey along with a team of paleontology experts as they make several astonishing discoveries including the creature’s last meal and never-before-seen internal organs.

In 2009, the Discovery Channel special “Hunt for the Mad Trapper”  followed a team of world-class forensic experts travels to the high Arctic to exhume the body of the outlaw known as the ‘Mad Trapper’. After being buried more than seventy-five years, their mission is to recover the fugitives DNA in the hope of solving the identity of the mysterious trapper who shot three RCMP officers during the largest manhunt in Canadian history.

Most recently, the company produced the National Geographic special Hitler’s Stealth Fighter. Hailed as one of the last great mysteries of World War II – did the Nazi’s fly the first stealth fighter? To solve the mystery, the masters of stealth at Northrop Grumman build a full-scale replica of the German jet powered flying wing and test its stealth capability against allied radar of the time. In the last decade Michael has made highly rated prime time specials for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, Arte France and In early 2013, Michael completed the feature length theatrical documentary “Unclaimed”.


2013 Unclaimed Theatrical Documentary
2009 Hunt for the Mad Trapper Discovery Channel
2009 Hitler’s Stealth Fighter National Geographic/History
2008 Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy Discovery Channel/Arte France
2007 Mars Rising Discovery Channel
2005 Lost Over New York National Geographic
2004 Lost Nuke National Geographic/History UK
2003 Battle of the X-Planes PBS/NOVA