Myth Merchant Films has an open and on-going submission policy. We are now accepting submissions for the following programming formats:

  1. Documentary Features, One-Offs, Series and Mini-Series – Specifically in the genres of Science, History, and Social Interest
  2. Lifestyle and Reality Series and Mini-Series – All Genres: Travel, Popular Culture, Love, Pets, Fashion, Food, Design, etc.
  3. Dramatic Series and Mini-Series, both half-hour and hour-long formats
  4. Feature and/or Television movie concepts and scripts

NOTE: A full Series “season” is 13 episodes, in both half-hour and hour-long formats



All teleplay and feature scripts must be in television industry standard format typeset: Courier
12-point, pages numbered. They must be 3-hole punched on white paper and bound will brass
fasteners (aka “brads”), including a title page with author contact information.

Concept or pitch sheets should be 1 to 5 pages in length, summarizing the show idea. In the case
of dramatic series, concept or pitch documents may be slightly longer (and as long as a series
bible, proper) to accommodate character, location and episode summaries.

All submissions must be written and/or created by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and
must be the original work of the author(s).

Submissions may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other published fictional or nonfictional
material, unless option rights to the material have been obtained by the author.


All submissions must be accompanied by a signed release form. If sending material electronically, submissions will not be considered until a signed release form has been received
by Myth Merchant either by fax or mail.


Expect to wait 4 to 6 weeks to hear back from Myth Merchant Films one way or the other. In the case of Myth Merchant’s interest in a project, you will receive a telephone call notifying you of such, and an agreement between yourself and Myth Merchant to proceed with development will subsequently be drawn up. In all other instances a letter (along with a “Reader Report” if applicable) will be sent officially declining your submission.

Click here for the PDF Submission Form.