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Myth Merchant Films

Myth Merchant Films is an Emmy® award winning international company with a reputation of creating high-caliber intellectual properties for the global screen industry. Founded by Michael Jorgensen in 1997, the company has built the foundation of its success on untold and unbelievable true stories. Over the last three decades, the company has won numerous national and international awards for its’ original blue-chip films. MMF’s reputation for gaining unprecedented access to high stakes character driven stories have been highly sought after by international networks and studios such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History, PBS, ZDF Germany, BBC and Arte France.  The company has gained unparalleled access and collaborated with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world including NASA, The Russian Space Agency, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, PBS, Northrop Grumman, The European Space Agency and the United Nations World Heritage Sites.

Myth Merchant Films Emmy® for best feature length documentary. ‘Battle of the X-Planes’ not only earned the distinction of being the highest rated show in PBS/NOVA’s thirty-year history and heralded as a “Must see by every American” by the NY Times. The film also marked the only time in history that the U.S. Department of Defense has ever allowed a filmmaker inside a major defense competition.

In addition to the company’s work for the screen industry, Myth Merchant Films secured the life-rights to several high-caliber intellectual properties. Far Side of the Moon, and The Fierce, both were released internationally by publishers based in the U.S. and U.K. and currently in development as feature films.


Michael Jorgensen

Michael is an Emmy® award-winning producer and network storytelling consultant in both the fiction and nonfiction formats. Over the last three-decades his work as a producer, writer, and director have earned him more than 80 international, national, and regional awards. Early in his career Michael garnered five titles as WCNPA Television Photojournalist of the Year. Working on behalf of CNN and ITV, in 1992, he was one of the first journalists into war-torn Somalia, prior to the United Nations sanctioned “Operation Restore Hope.” Michael helped launch the world’s first weekly science program, Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet. Subsequently, he was chosen by the CBC network as part of a team in the creation of The Windsor Enterprise, a network initiative to train journalists and elevate storytelling in regional, national, and international news coverage.

Michael is the only filmmaker in history to be granted access inside a classified U.S. Department of Defense weapons competition. Battle of the X-Planes earned Michael his first Emmy®. He has produced, written and directed numerous primetime specials for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History, PBS, BBC,  ZDF Germany and Arte France. Michael’s primetime credits include the Gemini® nominated Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy, Hunt for the Mad Trapper, Hitler’s Stealth Fighter and Lost Nuke. As the supervising producer of the landmark Discovery Channel series; Mars Rising, Michael negotiated access to NASA, Russian, and European space agencies to tell the story of the people working on the first human mission to Mars. His feature-length theatrical documentary, Unclaimed, opened to international acclaim and was long-listed for an Oscar.®

As an industry leader, Michael has led several overseas producer missions and was instrumental in working with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments in the creation of the Alberta Film Tax Credit Program, The Edmonton Screen Industries Office, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Narrative Cinema Program. In addition, Michael has also worked on behalf of the Alberta government  to create a theatrical film for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.

Michael is the former Chairman of the Board of Canada’s oldest screen industry organization, the Alberta Media Production Industries Association and served on the board of directors of the Edmonton Screen Industries Association. He is a member of the Canadian Media Producers Association and The Giant Screen Association. Michael has been a judge for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmys® since 2010 and is a member of the prestigious Producers Guild of America.