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Robert FosterExecutive Vice President

Robert oversees financing, investor relations and business affairs for Myth Merchant Films’ diverse slate of high-caliber intellectual properties. A highly-respected business leader and innovative entrepreneur, Robert has raised more than $500 million in capital from countries including Canada, United States, Switzerland, Korea, China, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, and Germany. As a scientist, Robert discovered Voclosporin a drug that can be used to treat autoimmune diseases and can also be used to treat organ transplant recipients to avoid organ rejection. He founded Isotechnika in 1993, where he discovered Voclosporin, the only drug that effectively allows for rapid and sustained remission of lupus nephritis – an autoimmune disease that affects millions of people around the world and may lead to kidney failure and death. Robert holds more than 170 patents for Voclosporin and other discoveries.

In 1999, Robert took Isotechnika public, and in 2002 successfully brokered a record co-development deal between Isotechnika and Roche of Basel, Switzerland. As CEO of Isotechnika, Dr. Foster acquired Aurinia Pharmaceuticals in 2013 and merged Aurinia into Isotechnika. The name, “Aurinia” was adopted and the company moved to NASDAQ (NASDAQ:AUPH), Aurinia’s value has far surpassed a half a billion dollars. Prior to joining Myth Merchant Films, Robert became founding Chairman and CEO of Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals to develop novel antiviral treatments for hepatitis B infection; a disease affecting up to 300 million people globally and responsible for almost 1 million deaths annually – many from liver cancer. Robert has served on numerous corporate and government boards including Transcriptome Sciences, Alberta Economic Development Authority, Alberta Premier’s Advisory Council of Health, Industry Liaison Office at the University of Alberta, Alberta Science and Research Authority, and was Co-Chair of Bio Alberta.